Trail Running – let gravity pull you along

What’s the most important thing to learn for trail running? How to run downhill fast, without tripping over rocks and roots and breaking your neck. In trail running, the pace, strain, and scenery alter with altitude differences and path. The changing landscapes and the forest’s scents and colors force the runner to stop and admire…


Stretching and strength training

Every runner can benefit from stretching and strength training. Some runners are reluctant to strength train because they are afraid it will make them cumbersome. But strength-training can make your running performance more effective and more pleasant. Runners do strength training for different reasons: 1. Strength training helps to reduce the risk of injury. 2….


Find Your True MHR Maximum Heart Rate / Pulse

If you rely on heart rate in your training, it’s important to know your maximum heart rate. You can set up training zones, which will optimize your training results. However, calculating the maximum heart rate can be challenging. Compared to measuring power or speed, heart rate doesn’t max out straight away. Maximum heart rate forces…


Walking – The first step towards fitness

What is the best way to start a walking program? Drive to the mall and park at the far end of the block. Walk to the sports shoe store, buy a pair of jogging shoes. Lace on your purchases, and walk back to the car. You’ve already started walking. Is walking really a good activity?…